Shiroba is Shiroba and many other names to many people but here she is Shiroba
Shiroba talks in third person because when you feel bad you can talk about yourself like another person and suddenly you are not talking about yourself but the person. Shiroba is the one who feels bad

Her moods are so extreme and unstable because she has too many problems so Shiroba has to come here and type her thoughts so she does not hassle anyone
Shiroba has wonderful friends and a lovely boyfriend but she can't put pressure on them otherwise they will leave her and hate her and Shiroba doesn't want to hurt anyone
Shiroba loves many things, she likes to draw her beloved favourite characters and her friend's favourite characters to make them happy. Shiroba is like that, even if she isn't very good at drawing if you try hard you can make people happy
But she talks a lot sometimes, maybe says too much, and that can hurt or annoy people... Shiroba doesn't want to do that

Shiroba goes to school even though it is hard. Everyone expects too much of her and she can't focus on the future. Shiroba wishes she could take it day by day, because her mind copes best with that

Shiroba has friends to talk to online who she talks to every day. Her boyfriend is only online and people think that isn't a real relationship, but if it makes Shiroba happy then it's okay because being as happy as you can is important
Shiroba likes to talk about games and anime and silly things with her friends
In real life Shiroba likes to listen to people. She can't talk very well but she will listen to you if you want.

For everyone Shiroba cannot give much advice in a tough time but she will be there to support her friends because her friends are there to support her and she wants to repay them

Shiroba plays a few games but she isn't very good at games, but she tries to enjoy herself. Shiroba likes multiplayer games, but her favourite game is Pokémon which she doesn't play with others. She also plays mobage and really wants her favourite character to come to her favourite one! Shiroba spent $150 on her beloved gacha and she's only 3 months in

She likes to read and draw. Her favourites are animal books and she likes to draw Pokémon and anime especially girls. Sometimes she tries to draw dirty things because experimenting with what you draw is good
Shiroba likes many series aside from Pokémon. When she reads books she used to read Warriors and likes miniseries too! Shiroba loves children's anime especially magical ones.

Her favourite thing ever is Kemono Friends and she loves all the things all the games and the manga and the anime seasons in it even though many people only like the first season of the anime and got angry about it! But Shiroba wants to enjoy it and live in peace

Shiroba's avatar is her favourite character and she's all hurt. Drawing is a way to express yourself and if Shiroba feels hurt her favourite characters will too. But everyone can heal

Shiroba likes to say silly things~
Shiroba says things in Japanese that aren't right because it's funny. Shiroba's name is from a wordplay called goroawase and it's an important number to her.

When Shiroba was young she used a lot of forums even though everyone was older than her. Now everyone wants to use chat programs and Discord and it's fun but it's too fast paced sometimes. Shiroba is a bit slow

Shiroba's friends are from all over the world because the internet connects you to everyone. Over the years she met a lot of people and sometimes she loses them too.

Shiroba's love lives so far away in America but one day they will meet. Who knows what will happen? Shiroba thinks it will be wonderful when they can meet.

Shiroba's love is the most amazing and kind person she knows and he made her life happier. Without him Shiroba would be a little more crazier than she already is. It's hard to do many things together that's more than talking but Shiroba doesn't mind. Any time with him is precious whether they send pictures to eachother or play a game together. Shiroba's favourite game with her love is creative mode Minecraft!

She has friends in the Americas and Europe and Asia and more. Everyone has such a different life and it's so fun to learn about them all. Shiroba doesn't think she has an interesting life, but it's fun to share with your friends

Shiroba likes weird and dirty things and it would be strange to talk about them. The forum won't let her post about them so she won't. But if you like those things, is it okay?

Shiroba has issues herself. Shiroba's brain is weird and so is her body sometimes
Shiroba has ADHD and her heart gets so broken so easily but she get's over it easily. ADHD people are emotionally hypersensitive. Shiroba doesn't get any help for this so sometimes she will be crying her heart out for an hour and then be normal the next. Sometimes people will call that bipolar but it's different
She gets anxious about so many things

Shiroba had a weak body and joints since she was born. Shiroba wants to look frail and cute to reflect how she is but she doesn't eat very well and has a big waist. Shiroba's parents don't buy healthy things and she can't buy her own food. She gets so scared about this and tries to eat less and she got a bit smaller but her parents lock her away and she can't exercise so she still looks fat and ugly and miserable and hideous and unlovable. Shiroba might have an eating disorder but nobody can help her and even if they could would they?

It's not that Shiroba wants to die by her own hands but sometimes she feels if she died in an accident maybe it would be better for people.

If Shiroba made herself die she would make all her precious friends and her love extra sad than if she had an accident. Shiroba wouldn't want to hurt people but she still has ideas of what to do. Shiroba can smash her head to hurt herself and sometimes she does too much and can't go to school the next day. Shiroba has never used something sharp on herself because people can see that.

Shiroba takes medication and she wonders what happens if she overdoses on that. She has epilepsy and overdosing or underdosing on her medication could make her have seizures. If Shiroba had a seizure in a bad place she could die and sometimes people just die from seizures. Shiroba choked on her food and interrupted breathing just from minor seizures so she thinks she could die from a big one.
Shiroba was 12 or 13 and she started taking a different medication than what she has now, this was for her ADHD. It was the first time she ever wanted to die and she wonders now if she took that medication could or would she overdose on that. Shiroba is very unstable now more than ever and her mind is all broken up and scrambled